make decisions


make decisions


make decisions

How does the information streams work into the organizations?




Vision and Solutions

    Leading organizations need to connect the relevant information in two levels:
  • external (clients, suppliers, competitors) and internal environment (workforce, budgets, projects, objectives, action plans)
  • The analysis of the precedent information and its use in the strategic decision making
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Set of solutions that turns information into growing tools

Planning, decision making and growth

    Each solution supplies a set of tools which includes:
  • Planning and reporting of actions
  • Registering of contact and client profiles:
  • selection criteria
  • corporate and personal objectives
  • decision making processes
  • Understanding the critical needs of clients
  • Tracking business projects
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Each solution applies to different fields:

  • B2B sales
  • CSO and social promotion
  • Banking
  • Content & Publishing Industry
  • Business processes of large organizations
  • Political campaigns and transparency
  • Control of telemarketing operations
  • Sales and promotion forces

Business models

  • Lease:
  • This option does not require server installation by the user. BIBLIODATA, Inc provides the servers, the Internet connection , bandwidth , backup services , applications and application management for a monthly rent. Customer pays system setup and customization. It also pays training. This option has a lifetime warranty and includes all the improvements that will be developed in the future. In this case BIBLIODATA, Inc signs a non disclosure agreement on the information , ensuring data ownership and exclusivity for the client organization.
  • Purchase:
  • In this option, the application runs on the client's servers. BIBLIODATA, Inc provides system software . There are a variety of customer services such as training courses online or classroom courses for systems departments, advice on equipment requirements and so on. Warranty expires when modifying the source code.
  • There is always the possibility of moving from one option to another .

All inclusive

  • Hardware
  • Network
  • Software
  • Human Engineering
  • Infrastructure

  • Assessment of information quality

    Initial Diagnosis
    Advice to Improve

  • Training

    Initial training
    User support

  • Reports

    Audit system usage
  • Statistics

    Data mining
    Reporting menu of the most relevant analysis
  • Campaigns

    Advise on how to use the solutions in promotional campaigns